I was so happy when I eventually found Rima’s studio, I had been practicing Pilates for a few years but hadn’t managed to find the right classes for what I needed, I had been a member at golds gym but could never get into the classes and also didn’t feel that the classes were focused enough ! Being a commited runner I felt I needed real attention and understanding and this is definatly what I found Rimas classes delivered… She is so motivated and driven it really rubs off !

I was also thrilled when she extended and added reformer classes, I find I thoroughly enjoy both mat work and reformer classes for different reasons and the support that Rima has given me whist training for the London marathon has been invaluable ! I had many problems during training with my hips and knees ect and the strength training she gave meant that I crossed the finish line ! Many thanks to Rima


I keep comming back to Rima’s Pilates class because her approach is unique. She has created a welcoming environment where beginners can practise with more experienced members. She is skilled in her ability to
teach, both showing the technique herself and spending time to check that you are doing it correctly. This is aided by the small numbers in classes. She encourages and stretches you to improve, and her positive nature means I always leave a class in a great mood.

Angela Schlegel,