Rima’s profile

image_2Rima describes herself as strict but patient , she is a food lover and juggle full time work and a family on top of her training.

Rima has been teaching in the fitness industry for over 15 years, her passion for teaching and changing people’s lives throughout fitness is undeniably visible from the first time you walk into her class.
She qualified in TRX, kettlebells, everybody training system and finally found herself through Pilates.

She has been teaching pilates since 2005 and her vast experience in teaching gives her the knowledge to vary her classes all the time so you feel fantastic and challenged after every class.

Rima believes in enjoying life and a regular workout should be part of that, exercise should not feel like a painful duty , it is an exhilarating experience to burn calories and feel on top of the world.

Jane’s Profile

Jane has been teaching longer than she would like to remember! This benefits you as her classes will be varied! Jane has first-hand experience of disc problems and trapped nerves which she keeps at bay with a mixture of pilates, yoga and mobilisation. Jane trained with Alan Herdman, the father of British pilates with a physio based team and works with local physios.

Jane has assisted those who have undergone hip and knee replacements, back problems, teenagers with blackberry thumb and gaming elbow, rugby players with tight thigh muscles, golfers with unbalanced rotation, overstretched ballerinas and those of us with generally creaking bodies! Jane’s lessons are challenging, controlled and energetic, but laughter is part and parcel of their flow. Hope to see you soon. Live, learn and laugh your body and mind to fitness and health.

Ceza’s profile

image_2 Ceza has been doing pilates for several years and it was a natural progression into teaching. She started attending pilates in 2005 while still at university and loved how it made her more aware of her posture and helped align her spine.

Ceza’s classes have been called “calm but intense”. She enjoys challenging her class to help create stronger, fitter bodies, relax the mind and help de-stress.

She likes to incorporate moves that increase the heart rate helping burn fat and aiding in weight loss and allowing toned, lean muscles to develop.

Vicky’s profile


Vicky is as bubbly as champagne , with a quirky wit and plenty of it .
She is eager to help participants to realise the full potential of their bodies through education and modification of activities.

Victoria has worked in the fitness industry since she was 16, in both Australia and the UK.
She was introduced to pilates in 2003 and trained under Alan Menzies in Melbourne. After practicing for several years she wanted to broaden her knowledge and trained with STOTT at the YMCA, and completed reformer training with Balanced Body.

Victoria likes the people she teaches to work hard and to laugh at the same time. She is about to start a foundation course in Alexander technique with the hope of being a practitioner on completion of the whole training program

Yasmine’s Profile

Photo by Idil Sukan/Draw HQ

Yasmine is a West London-based Personal Trainer, Running Coach, Pilates and Barre Instructor. Having worked as a Graphic Designer and Brand Manager for 10 years, including a stint as a University Lecturer at a private University in California, she decided to pack away the desk job and combine her talents in teaching and fitness with her love of marketing and branding to qualify as a Personal Trainer.

Now as a committed and passionate Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with a diverse skill set, Yasmine is devoted to helping her clients reach their health and fitness goals through personalised training programmes. She strongly believes in making training sessions fun and not a chore, so that her clients feel physically and mentally energised afterwards. Yasmine hopes to educate her all her clients in the importance of a healthy mind and body and that their wellbeing is key to living a life of fulfilment and happiness!

Sara’s Profile


Sara has been in the fitness industry for nearly 8 years now; a personal trainer, dance fitness and yoga instructor. She completed her yoga training in Goa India with the yoga people and yoga has massively complemented not just her fitness life and career but just helping to balance life in general.

Sara trained in Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga which are challenging forms of yoga but using many very significant poses to help detoxify and cleanse the body as well as challenging your strength physically and also mentally. You see progression in core strength in these types and the practice really helps to balance you physically and mentally too.

Yoga means Union of the mind and the body and Sara loves to implement mindfulness into your practice. Her main point; all that matters is that you are there on your mat no matter where your mind or body is today. Do your best, push yourself but be kind to yourself and always listen to what your body tells you. Awareness is the key.

Clarisse’s Profile


Clarisse ROUD, is originally from Switzerland. She is a performer, dance teacher and choreographer. she started dancing seriously within the pre-professional training program of Dance Area (Geneva, Switzerland). Her passion for technique brought her to New York studying some of the most famous modern technics, contracting and releasing within the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, falling and recovering within the Limón Institute. She received her dance training from master ballet teachers in Geneva and New York such as Peter Brandenhoff, Igal Perry, Helene Roux, and Jamie Salmon to only name a few. As a performer, she got the honor of dancing in several famous theaters’ stages in New York, London and Geneva. Clarisse teaches regular dance classes and pilates in London, but is very often invited to teach intensives in Europe.