Joseph Pilates designed spring based equipment to support and advance the body while practicing the Pilates method of exercising. The movements that we do during mat work and while using the equipment are very similiar. More..


When we talk about Mat Pilates, we are talking about using the Pilates method to do exercises using only your own body as resistance. Sometimes we use small props in the mat work such a a small ball, a theraband , foam rollers , light weights, More..

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Studies show that Pilates is a very effective method for rehabilitation and it can facilitate recovery from acute and overuse injuries. Consistent Pilates practice will make you stronger by bringing balance in the muscles, increasing bone density as well as improving balance and range of movement.

Over the last few years Pilates became the go-to method for rehabilitation and is widely recommended by doctors, physio therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. Pilates method promotes strength, agility and good posture, making you stand tall and proud. Pilates addresses both mobility and stability thus making you less injury prone.

Our Pilates repertoire can be modified to the needs to clients and thus making it safe and beneficial for everybody.

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Pilates Body Shape

Based in Hanwell, West London, PilatesBodyShape is a boutique Pilates studio, offering Mat and Reformer classes for all ages and abilities. Our team of fully qualified PILATES® instructors are passionate about teaching Pilates, and delivering the results our clients want. Our classes are small, so each attendee receives personalised instruction. We also offer Yoga classes, Bootybarre classes and Personal Training sessions. We are not a membership studio.

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