Our Instructors


Having grown up with a love of the outdoors and all things active, Rima has always wanted to strive to achieve her best and over time she has become increasingly more intrigued with human movement and what we are capable of achieving.


Influenced by Jane Fonda , Rima started teaching aerobics and dance in 1997 and continued her training to teach Step aerobics , Body pump, balance, step. combat , spinning and barre work. Her love and passion for Pilates took over everything and she continues her training and education to evolve as the best pilates instructor she can be .


Rima discovered the benefits of pilates as a way to help her demanding fitness teaching career by helping to prevent injury, improve posture and alignment and build deep strength.


she completed mat certificate with Stott in 2002 and with health and fitness education in 2005, went on from there to do several workshops and completed level 1/2 and 3 on the reformer with Balanced Body.


Rima is fascinated by the way that Pilates can effectively rehabilitate and re-educate the injured body, as well as improve sports performance in those passionate about sport and exercise. At the same time, and given her own personal experience, she is keen to promote Pilates’ potential to support those who are suffering because of their sedentary modern lifestyles. She is an enthusiastic, warm and empathetic Pilates instructor who brings her creative nature into her teaching style to make her sessions as enjoyable as they are productive.



Clarisse ROUD, is originally from Switzerland. She is a performer, dance teacher and choreographer. she started dancing seriously within the pre-professional training program of Dance Area (Geneva, Switzerland). Her passion for technique brought her to New York studying some of the most famous modern technics, contracting and releasing within the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, falling and recovering within the Limón Institute. She received her dance training from master ballet teachers in Geneva and New York such as Peter Brandenhoff, Igal Perry, Helene Roux, and Jamie Salmon to only name a few. As a performer, she got the honor of dancing in several famous theaters’ stages in New York, London and Geneva. Clarisse teaches regular dance classes and pilates in London, but is very often invited to teach intensives in Europe.


I first got into it in 2010. A fast life and demanding career in the fashion industry left me in need of an exercise regime that addressed both body and mind, but I’d say that I truly found yoga in the wake of having children. That lifestyle shift, the hormones. It’s what prompted me to take the next step and become a teacher.

My personal practice focuses on matching the breath to movement, achieving a moving meditation, a total withdrawal of the senses. A favour a fiery flow, a real physical challenge that shows you a mirror. I’m a firm believer that yoga is for everybody and strive to offer the most inclusive classes that I can. Everyone starts at a place of limited flexibility, physically and mentally. That’s why they’re there! I’m on a personal mission to take the exclusivity out of yoga and deliver it in a modern, relevant and accessible kind of way. And make it fun, people take it quite seriously these days. I trained in Ashtanga but I prefer to teach Vinyasa as you can get quite creative with it. I bring a bit of Bikram, a bit of Jivamukti. I let my students guide me.


Kirsty Janzemin

Kirsty Janzemin is an ex professional dancer/performer and extremely passionate Matwork and Reformer teacher along side being a busy mum of two toddlers. Kirsty trained full time at Millennium Dance 2000 to continue on as a professional performer for live TV and theatre travelling the world whilst working as an aerobics instructor too in-between performance work.


Kirsty stumbled across Pilates through injury and ill health at the age of 23 and never looked back!! After studying STOTT repertoire and finding her own way Kirsty believes pilates is key to injury prevention and enhancing daily/sport performance for absolutely everyone.


Kirsty’s passion is to help clients fully understand the principles and feel the true essence of each exercise in her classes. She is excited to share her workouts with you all.


Rachel originally trained as a classical dancer at Arts Ed and dedicated many years to maintaining the extreme level of fitness required to perform. She enjoys keeping busy and is always looking for new ways to challenge both the physical and psychological aspects of exercise.

Having had two major back operations she discovered Pilates through rehabilitation about 20 years ago. Rachel now uses the method to continue building strength and flexibility in a safe and effective way.

Rachel trained in STOTT PILATES® and is also a qualified personal trainer. She loves teaching clients at all levels of fitness and fascinated with how the body works, especially that everyone is individual. She has ended up focusing a lot on Ante and Postnatal clients and helped many people regain confidence in their bodies postpartum. Rachel’s classes are designed with a focus on building strength, flexibility and confidence, whilst still having fun!



Renata enjoys running and have raced a few Marathons including the more prestigious New York and London. She is also an avid cyclist, having completed several triathlons including the USA West Point Army Triathlon and half Iron Man in the UK, cycling is now a big part of her life. She has a passion for winter sports and love the opportunity to go skiing and ice skating.
Renata believes that the Pilates principle of proper biomechanics and functional alignment can be incorporated not only into other sports but to all aspects of life, this translates into more energy, less pain, improved endurance, strength and better mood.

Renata loves working with amateur athletes, clients who want to improve their posture and reverse the impact of sedentary life. She believes in prevention, so why not to start early to avoid osteoporosis, back pain, and muscle loss.
Join Renata’s classless to discover your inner strength but expect to work hard, and most importantly to have fun


Melda is an old professional basketball player and met with pilates when she needed an operation from her knees 10 years ago. She started pilates and pilates has become her lifestyle. She is Balanced Body, STOTT trained and she managed her on studio with gymnastics federation approval for 3 years. She completed post- treatment rehabilitation trainer 1 year internship successfully. Melda believes Pilates is the most effective exercise for posture, well- being and body shape.