Pilates Body Shape Running Programme

Pilates Body Shape Running Programme

Here at Pilates Body Shape we want to share with you our joy of running in a safe and positive way. Thus, we have developed a 6 weeks running and Pilates programme for those who are new to running, are seasoned runners but want to improve their technique to continue running without the risk of injuries associated with repetitive movement and those who keep fantasising about running, but struggle with motivation.

Join Renata and Rima for 6 weeks running programme to develop love and habit for running and most importantly reduce the risk of cardio vascular mortality , improve your mood and cognitionand as a side effect trim some kilos of your waist. We will help you to stay committed and motivated throughout the programme and beyond!
If you are interested in reading more on benefits of running, please click on the links included.

For more information please contact us at admin@pilatesbodyshape.co.uk

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