Pilates for Teens

Pilates for Teens

Here at Pilates Body Shape we are very excited to introduce Pilates for teens, starting 28th of June, every Tuesday at 5:15. Faran, who has plethora of experience working with young people will introduce teenagers to the reformer/equipment and the techniques involved. She will use lighter and more supportive springs, maintain flow and continuity between exercises to keep your teens focused and help them maintain concentration.

Reformer/Equipment Pilates is highly adaptable and thus suitable for those teens who don’t enjoy sports and struggle finding physical activity that they enjoy doing. Your teens will benefit from improved flexibility, improved balance and increased overall body strength and better posture. Pilates method works with general six principles, which will provide strong foundation for your teens in everything what they do in their life. Number one principle is breathing. Breathing exercises can help teens to reduce anxiety and support them with stressful situations. Another principles, which are also essential in daily life are control, concentration, centring , fluid movement and precisions. Pilates also helps to develop discipline, commitment and perseverance to achieve set goals.

Investing in your teenagers health and wellbeing will pay them dividends trough their entire life.

PBS’s Pilates for teens are designed for 13-16 years old, you can book classes via your existing package. If you are interested please email us at admin@pilatesbodyshpe.co.uk so we can send you our health questionnaire before the attendance.

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